An-An the red panda

Red Panda Interactive are happy to extend sponsorship of this little dude, An-An, at Colchester Zoo UK.

In August 2018, the Red Panda enclosure became inhabited by a third furry creature, and An-An became a Dad, as Mum, Liwei, gave birth to their new cub. Go An-An!

We will continue to update you on An-An and his family throughout the year, along with the amazing work from the team at Colchester Zoo.

Red Pandas are endangered & there may be as few as 2500 left in the world!

Red Panda Interactive’s ambition, as the company grows, is to donate & help the amazing work that is being done to protect these playful, fun loving animals from extinction.

Sponsorship is just the beginning for us.

Quick Fact
Red Panda’s scientific name, Ailurus fulgens, means ‘fire-coloured cat’ – but they actually share more similarities with bears and racoons.