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We Love Video Games

At Red Panda we’ve got one simple thing in common: a monumental love for awesome games. Discovering them. Playing them. Beating them. And, now, launching them. For the world to love with us.

You see when you truly love something, you do some crazy things. In our case, quitting our jobs at top game companies, even PlayStation (the very same jobs we’d dreamed of getting since twiddling our very first joystick) to turn that love into a business. And why, you cry? Because sometimes all you want to do is get out into the world, filled of ambition to make a difference and do it yourself.

So here we are. Working hand in hand with the industry’s unsung hidden gems – developers, composers and all-round phenomenal wizards – to perfect and publish some of the best independent games in the business.

Collaborate with us

If you’ve got an amazing game that needs publishing, or even the infant brainchild of one, we should talk!

Maybe you’re a creative newcomer needing to kickstart that killer idea, or a veteran game director looking to rocket-fuel your team. Whatever your story, we’re all ears. If the idea’s good, we’ll get behind it with you and make it gargantuan.

The perfect partner

Magic can come from anywhere. You are the creative innovators, and no matter what type or style of game you set out to make; it’s your gem.

We may be a publisher by name, but we don’t see ourselves as one in the general sense. Yes, we do everything a publisher does, but more than that, we become an extension of your team. Striving towards a common goal together, making your game the best it can be and enriching players around the world.

We’ve got the contacts. We’ve got the capability. We’ve got the expertise. We’ve got the passion. All we need now is you lovely people.

Get in touch

We are a friendly bunch and love speaking to new people, so please send us a message.