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We grew up gaming and love what we do

You’ve arrived at Red Panda Interactive, we’re a UK-based games publishing and development company made up of passionate industry professionals. We thrive off making awesome games available for everyone to play.


We believe in setting creativity free

We like to think we’re programmed differently to other publishers – we’re of the mindset that you should be free to create your game, your way.

At Red Panda, we take on the responsibilities of publishing, without compromising your creative vision, freeing you to focus solely on development.


Our flexible way of working

Wherever you’re at in your publishing quest, we’ll work with you to identify how we can maximise your games’ full potential.

We’re fortunate to have been working in the gaming industry for a long time, specialising in console gaming and the games market. We also have many years of experience working with platform holders on a business and technical level.

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